Content management system, document management, streaming media, product catalog and lots of data.

Exar's Case Study

Exar Corporation, an industry leader with locations worldwide, manufactures highly differentiated silicon chips designed to enable products to connect. Exar supports a wide array of applications such as portable devices, home media gateways, communications systems and industrial automation equipment.

In order to facilitate its merger with Sipex Products, Exar Corp asked ThinkLogic LLC to assist in putting in place a content management system capable of supporting both sets of company products and system requirements. The ThinkLogic team consisted of Project Manager Christopher Adams, Lead Developer Ching Kuo and three other developers.

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The team joined the client in weighing the pros and cons of providing a custom solution versus implementing one of the following: Microsoft SharePoint, Ektron or Sitecore. Ektron was chosen.

That settled, the team migrated 20,000 products, 10,000 of which were supporting documents as well as site content, from three entirely different systems - SharePoint 2001, Custom PHP CMS and MS Commerce Server - with multi-language support. Then the ThinkLogic team conducted an assessment of the existing software solutions and documented the capacity in which they were being used.

After concluding this software and code audit, the ThinkLogic team interviewed key client members regarding the requirements for the new system. From there, the process of data mining application database design and development took just 60 days to complete.

Since the initial migration to Ektron, Thinklogic has incorporated hundreds of new tools and features, including a MyExar portal which allows customers to access secure documents, download software, order products and view their order history.

Since wrapping up its work on the Sipex merger, the ThinkLogic team has assisted Exar in integrating the products, content and documentation from three other organizations (HIFN, Galazar and Neterion). Doing so required constructing a complex and secure document management system capable of tracking usage and license agreements, and allowing customers to generate access requests that would auto trigger an approval workflow. is still a valued client and continues its hosting and application maintenance with ThinkLogic.