"Because of ThinkLogic's experience with developing successful ASP models, they were able to help us create a tryly unique software. Our software offers customers a highly configurable interface, making it quick and easy for them to customize the workflow and business rules of their software. this saves them the costs and time delay of additional development and IT mantenance."


After hundreds of sales calls and customer meetings, Leads360 CEO Jeff Solomon knows the importance of developing software that is technically sound as well as offers business and management rules. Leads360 was formerly a division of ThinkLogic until the company spun off as an independent corporation in 2004. Before bringing Leads360’s application to the mortgage industry, Solomon was part of the ThinkLogic team that developed the technology. 

“Developing a successful software application is about more than the technology. It’s about developing the business application that will lead to long-term profitability and success,” said Jeff Solomon, CEO of Leads360, provider of software applications for the mortgage industry. “ThinkLogic has the experience and knowledge to incorporate business strategies into ASP software that end users will continue to use.” 

The mortgage industry spends millions of dollars each month purchasing leads for prospective borrowers. However, historically many brokers didn’t have the technology to allow them to track, manage and capitalize on their leads investment. ThinkLogic realized the opportunity to help the industry streamline their procedures and improve close rates. At the same time, they also needed to develop an efficient application with low operating costs and a scalable architecture to accommodate user base growth.  

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“In the early development stages, I watched the ThinkLogic team put together solid functionality that made business sense. After Leads360 branched off to become an independent entity and started offering the product to customers, we fully appreciated the benefits of ThinkLogic’s expertise. The result has been high adoption rates of our customers using Leads360 month after month and generating measurable results to make their business more profitable,”Solomon added.  

One of Leads360 customers, a leading mortgage broker and lender based in Chicago, has seen tremendous improvement in their lead follow up after only three months of using Leads360 software. They report their reaction time to new leads has improved from 2 hours to less than 20 minutes and has doubled their new leads attempted contacts within the first 24 hours. 

“ThinkLogic’s experience with ASP-model software was invaluable in creating Leads360’s application. We were able to bring to market a software that was designed for our customers, with an easy-to-use interface of the critical features they really need,” Solomon added. “And, we were able to do it efficiently in the development and in the operation of our software.”