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Interpersonal Intelligence, LLC, with the help of ThinkLogic, created and developed an online healthcare matching algorithm that matches healthcare providers with patients to increase wellness and help improve the results in healthcare. Patients are enabled to more easily find healthcare providers who suit their personality and communication styles, leading to an increased likelihood of good rapport between healthcare providers and patients, and thus of better healthcare outcomes.

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How it Works

Interpersonal Intelligence LLC has recently created a powerful, cutting-edge proprietary engine, also referred to as a matching algorithm, with the capacity to quickly and efficiently match clients according to 23 different criteria, largely based on the theories underlying neuro-linguistic programming and Myers Briggs testing, as well as Gestalt and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It was, however, ThinkLogic’s role to come up with a suitable code so that the algorithm could be properly implemented. The algorithm was intended for use on a new site, (as the name indicates, this is a directory that matches patients and therapists); the success of this site led to collaboration on yet another, (which matches prospective clients with personal, career, business, executive, wellness, relationship and dating coaches).  As well, Interpersonal Intelligence, LLC is now licensing this platform to healthcare companies to be integrated into their online find a provider directories.

On both sites, the therapist and the patient take a similar survey; their answers are then compared and undergo a complex evaluation process intended to determine whether they would be good matches and to rank each match, as well as to pinpoint convenient locations and appropriate specialties. 

The ThinkLogic team continues to host, maintain and further develop these 2 sites