Do you have an idea for a software application designed to automate and streamline your business?

Our Services

Are you thinking about developing and marketing a unique software solution? 

In either case, the answer is to make ThinkLogic, LLC your first stop. In the course of  our 7 years specializing in custom business applications and database design, we have built up a reputation as the innovative industry leader. During this period we have completed projects for 100+ clients in both the B2B and B2C vertical sectors. Our clientele includes, but is not limited to: healthcare facilities, schools, financial institutions, real estate and mortgage lending companies, advertising and media, the automotive industry and nonprofit organizations.

How do we ensure client satisfaction? The process begins with your comprehensive custom roadmap, created by ThinkLogic prior to the execution of your solution, consisting of requirements documentation and a detailed timeline. The roadmap is designed to help complete the project efficiently and cost-effectively.

The roadmap consists of the following sections:

  1. Business requirements ThinkLogic’s first step is simply to define and understand your core business objectives in detail before talking technology. This process includes a comprehensive ROI analysis in order to determine if investing resources and moving forward makes sense.
  2. Software architecture ThinkLogic provides a comprehensive flow chart intended to identify the application structure required to create the software.
  3. Programming specifications This section details the programming logic and/or methodology underlying each given step in the flow chart.
  4. Technical requirements Our developers identify the necessary hardware systems and software configurations pertinent to the software application.
  5. Development issues We pinpoint areas of concern and work with you on potential strategies for addressing such issues.
  6. Compilation Once the roadmap is complete, we assemble an appendix of all notes, research, and documentation.

Wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity to work with a company capable of creating a detailed plan which ensures that your project stays on track, meets (or exceeds) your expectations and remains within your budget?