The vast majority of business ideas, no matter how promising, never become a reality. Why is that?

A key reason is lack of implantation. The bottom line: We AT THINKLOGIC UNDERSTAND BUSINESS. Members of our team have high-level experience with multi-million dollar companies, in varied industries. We bring this experience to web-based technology companies, whether in startup, turnaround, or growth mode. We work with you every step of the way in developing the right business model and plan of execution. We execute what we propose and see it through to completion. This is what sets us apart from most consulting firms.  We are results-driven and work with you until you see it in your bottom line - in black and white.

Business Development


Key to ThinkLogic’s approach to startups is acquiring the understanding of your business from top to bottom. The next step is to apply technology to existing processes in order to increase productivity and improve marketing. Then we provide you with the required know-how to properly implement the model and make it work. Below are a few key components of our modus operandi:


We at ThinkLogic understand thoroughly that turning a company around is much more difficult than starting a new one.  When executing a turnaround, it is critical to have the right management team in place in order to deal with every contingency.  We firmly believe that with any web-based turn-around, NOTHING can be taken for granted. We work fast to create the kind of transparent environment that produces successful companies. Our approach involves the following:

Growth Model

In the economy we have today it is important to grow profits as much as volume, without creating a cash-crunch and disrupting day-today business. At ThinkLogic we provide first-rate scalability utilizing little or no cash flow, and can help you evaluate additional verticals in order to generate business, as well as to develop cross-marketing strategies for both existing and new product offerings.

We see things from 30,000 feet up, but are always in the trenches.