Leave the performance and integrity of your application up to us

Our Services


Thinklogic provides businesses and organizations with a reliable, cost-efficient solution to their online requirements. Our goal is not to provide hosting to the public at large, but to clients for whom a dedicated and highly available support team, reachable anytime and any day of the week, is an absolute must.

Despite the wide variety of hosting options available, many companies are still hard- pressed to find a solution uniquely suited to their security, quality and budgetary requirements. ThinkLogic’s response has been to build a hosting facility equipped with cutting-edge hardware and software solutions, the fruit of years of experience. Thinklogic offers 3 types of hosting to its clients: shared, colocation and dedicated. All services offer the options of staying involved in the day-to-day operations of your site or of leaving the task of managing your Internet presence to our trained staff. 

Our server racks are securely located at the telecom Internet backbone in Downtown Los Angeles; this will ensure reliability and the availability of bandwidth selection. As our servers never exceed 75% capacity, our hardware operates seamlessly. To maintain security, our network architecture incorporates reliable Cisco and Linux firewalls.

ThinkLogic can also assist with traffic monitoring, visitor behavior analysis and conversion rates. We are not concerned, however, with hits and page views only, but with helping you make better strategic decisions regarding your website and your company.

Please contact us to learn more about our web and application hosting services, as well as our colocation options.


Web Management & Maintenance

ThinkLogic is dedicated to assisting its partners in successfully carrying out their online initiatives. Monthly maintenance contracts allow our clients to keep their sites up to date and available. Thinklogic provides website management and ongoing development services to companies who wish to capitalize on benefits and cost savings or contracted maintenance. Moreover, ThinkLogic can provide these services as an additional resource for your Internet team or on a complete management basis. These services include: SEO, SEM, content creation, site updates, graphic design and programming.

Application Management

We take over the day-to-day tasks of managing your application, e.g. patches, fixes and updates. Delegating the management of your enterprise application to Thinklogic allows you to focus on what’s most important to your business – growth and profitability. Advanced plans may include:

• The maintenance of database objects, such as tables, triggers, functions and stored procedures
• The development and implement testing of database components
• Analysis of monitoring data
• Assistance with disaster recovery planning
• Maintaining physical organization of database objects
• The application of database software patches and upgrades
• Administrating and enforcing database standards
• Monitoring query performance
• Implementing query tuning for optimal overall system performance
• Performance capacity planning for database servers