We have developed various mobile applications and mobile friendly websites for our clients.  These products have helped our clientele reach a larger audience, integrate better approaches into their day-to-day business models and have provided both functional and marketing capabilities in the palm of their hand.  We believe mobile solutions are a key component to any successful web based business.

Our Services

We at ThinkLogic view mobile solutions as a key component of any successful web-based business. ThinkLogic has developed a wide variety of mobile applications and mobile-friendly websites. We have literally placed state-of-the-art functional and marketing tools into the palms of our clients’ hands, enabling them to reach a larger audience while integrating more effective approaches into their day-to-day business models.

ThinkLogic is a certified iOS and Android application developer.  We specialize in the creation of easy-to-use applications that take the user from point A to B in the most direct fashion.  Furthermore, our holistic approach to marketing the application and the company can maximize the benefits of the application while assisting you in more effectively reaching your target audience.

In addition to application development we can convert your existing website to be viewable and accessible on any mobile device. We can accomplish this without needing to touch your existing code and database.  In a matter of days we can have your new mobile-friendly website modified to for any smartphone or tablet, while retaining the functionality of your existing website