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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Thinklogic's services, or if you need support, please contact us.

How much does an online business cost to build?

Every online business has a different cost to start up and operate depending on factors. Establishing a planned, realistic budget is crucial. Most businesses fail because costs go underestimated. We can develop your plan to facilitate bringing your business to customers. We'll even evaluate your company to see if you quality for deferred payment through our Vested In Your Success program. Call us to find out more.

Why would I choose ThinkLogic over a typical software company?

Thinklogic has a strong history of successfully developing and bringing to market hundreds of new web-based custom software applications. From concept refinement and business planning, to technology deployment and selling to the end-user, our team has expertise in both technology and marketing.We also offer unique new business programs to help get your company launched with a strong start. Our Vested in Your Success program helps new companies get the technology expertise they need, without drastically impacting cash flow resources. We also have many relationships with the industry’s most respected investors and can help you get the funding you need.

Can you help me find funding?

Our extensive network of industry relationships allows us to offer assistance with finding and securing funding for your software business. We start by reviewing and refining your business plan, or help you to create one if you don't have it. We understand what a business plan needs in order to attract investors from our experience.Being able to show investors your software can be a powerful tool of persuasion. Thinklogic will help you to develop a prototype that demonstrates the key functionality of your software. Finally, we’ll help you put together the entire presentation and prepare you to submit your plan.

How long does it take to develop an online business?

The development of a new online business includes several steps to ensure success with varying degrees of duration. The duration of each step and the process varies for each project based on the complexity of the technology and the budget.Our online business strategy is focused on reducing time-to-market and costs for our clients. We do this by prioritizing the functionality of the software’s first release to be deliverable to customers as quickly as possible. Once there's profit, then we help you to determine what additional features and refinements will be made in subsequent releases.

What is the difference between SaaS, ASP, onDemand and eBusiness?

These terms focus on end-user delivery methods.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a model where the software company provides maintenance, daily technical operation and support for the software provided to their customer.

  • An Application Service Provider (ASP) is a business that provides computer-based services to their customers over a network. The customer accesses the software on the software company’s servers and pay for their use.
  • OnDemand software refers to web-based applications that can be easily controlled at the server level. This is predicted to be mainstay for future software applications.
  • E-business is an umbrella term for having a presence on the web. An e-business site may be very comprehensive and offer more than just selling its products and services. For example, it may have general search functionality, the ability to track shipments or have threaded discussions.

Can Thinklogic help us with traditional software development, project management, web design, hosting or marketing initiatives?

We offer custom software development, project management, website design, web hosting and marketing services to hundreds of clients. Because of the success of web-based software applications, ThinkLogic has evolved to specialize in developing scalable applications that generate revenue for our clients in a subscription model.

Will you seek resources offshore to lower the cost of development?

Thinklogic develops nearly every project locally in order to maintain control over the project’s timeframe and budget constraints. We consider offshore resources on a case-by-case basis in order to make the decision that is the best for our clients’ specific needs and situations.


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