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We Strategize to Deliver SaaS Quickly to You.

Many companies don't have much experience—or any—building software variations. As a premier Web Design and Development Company In Los Angeles, we set ourselves apart from the competition by engineering, building, and hosting ASP, SaaS, and On-Demand software. We've participated in Microsoft's SaaS On-Ramp programs which cut costs to launch SaaS software.

Application Software Provider (ASP) Software - Consider it Done.

These are client-server applications with a web-centric interface hosted by a 3rd party to reduce costs. There are no license fees to use the software since the application is developed for the customer. ASP applications are especially useful to companies that need a highly customized application capable of responding to quickly changing business rules. If, however, your software is intended to be delivered to many companies, a SaaS model is a better fit.

Software as a Service (SaaS) - The Biggest Head-Turner.

Like ASP applications, SaaS is delivered through a web-centric interface to its users. Companies using your SaaS application will benefit from a dramatic drop in costs. Small to medium-sized businesses prefer leasing SaaS applications because they are relieved of the hassle of researching, developing, maintaining and hosting their application.

Here are some the factors that go into design:

  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • Data separation & service-level agreements (SLA)
  • Security & authentication
  • Network scalability
  • Contact us to learn more about these design factors.

If You're Considering Designing Software to Automate and Streamline Your Business, Consider Thinklogic.

We're a Los Angeles Business Software Services Company founded in 1998, specializing in custom business solutions, web programming, and database design. We have a reputation as the innovative industry leader, having completed projects for 100+ clients in both the B2B and B2C vertical sectors. We ensure client satisfaction with a comprehensive custom roadmap created by Thinklogic prior to the execution of your solution, consisting of requirements, documentation, and a detailed timeline. The roadmap is designed to help complete the project efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us to learn more about the roadmap features. 


We've Done The Research and Know Many Promising Business Ideas Don't Reach Fruition.

A key reason is lack of implementation. Members of our team have high-level experience with multi-million dollar companies in varied industries. We bring this experience to web-based technology companies, whether in startup, turnaround, or growth mode. We work with you every step of the way to develop the right business solutions and plan of execution. We execute what we propose and see it through to completion. This is what sets us apart from most consulting firms. We are results-driven and work with you until you see it in your bottom line - in black and white.


Static or Dynamic e-Commerce Software. Your Pick.

Thinklogic is a Los Angeles Web Design Company and we provide both static and dynamic e-commerce software websites. We offer a wide variety of high quality life-cycle development services, ranging from requirements gathering and definition through the delivery and deployment of business solutions. Our first step is to create a documented custom roadmap and execution plan for your projected website. Then, we put a fixed-investment proposal on the table.

Your project roadmap, combined with what we have to offer in depth of experience with graphic design and layout, website programming, and marketing and search engine optimization, should sustain confidence in our ability to meet and exceed your expectations, regardless of industry, company size, or requirements.

By utilizing a combination of the latest standards, technologies, and back-end capability, we are able to design and create web pages that work in virtually any browser, bringing significant benefits in terms of scalability, functionality and maintenance.

Call us at (310) 337-6646 or email us at for more information.


Your Software Specialized to Optimize Business Transactions and Connecting to your Clients.

ThinkLogic’s BA solutions can help boost your organization's performance across the enterprise. You can leverage our in-depth understanding of enterprise software development, BIZTALK implementation, CRM development, SQL reporting and analysis server implementation, ERP data warehousing, performance management and Microsoft business intelligence.

ThinkLogic’s  business architecture solutions include:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) development
  • Microsoft business intelligence implementation (with SQL 2005 Analysis and Reporting Server)
  • Business process management
  • Biztalk 2006 Solutions
  • SharePoint implementation
  • Custom ASP.Net solution

Contact us for more information.


Thrive Online.

There are always trust issues in making purchases online for consumers. We have the experience and know-how to provide cutting-edge e-commerce solutions ensuring high-quality inventory management, order processing, and fulfillment center integration. Join the e-commerce revolution by contacting us today.


Hosting Maintenance

Patched, Fixed, and Updated Software. That's Our Job.

We take over the day-to-day tasks of managing your application, e.g. patches, fixes, updates and even level 2 technical support for your customers.


We're a Web Hosting Provider In Los Angeles offering a Reliable, Cost-Efficient Hosting Solution for You with a Team That's Reachable Anytime.

Proper hosting is a difficult find in today's expanding online market. Our response has been to build a hosting facility equipped with cutting-edge hardware and business solutions. We never load our servers beyond 75 percent capacity and are behind Cisco and Linux firewalls. Three hosting options are available: shared, colocation, and dedicated. Contact us to learn more about our Los Angeles Hosting Services. 

Web Development and Maintenance

Entire Website Packages Managed. Your Way.

We assist you in carrying out online initiatives with our ongoing development services. We can provide them as an additional resource for your Internet team or on a complete management basis. SEO, SEM, content creation, site updates, graphic design and programming are available for you.

Application Management

We Manage Your Way.

Delegating the management of your enterprise application to Thinklogic allows you to focus on what’s most important to your business – growth and profitability. Advanced plans may include:

  • Database maintenance, such as tables, triggers, functions and stored procedures
  • The development and implementation of testing of database components
  • Analysis of monitoring data
  • Assistance with disaster recovery planning
  • Maintaining physical organization of database objects
  • Application of database software patches and upgrades
  • Administrating and enforcing database standards
  • Monitoring query performance
  • Implementing query tuning for optimal overall system performance
  • Performance capacity planning for database servers



Our Clients Reach Bigger Audiences with Our Mobile App Design. Success in-Hand, Literally.

The mobile solution is a key component to success in your web-based business. Having provided Mobile Application Services in Los Angeles for over a decade, we've developed a wide variety of mobile applications and mobile-friendly sites that reach larger audiences while integrating effective approaches in business models.

We're certified in iOS and Android ease-of-use application development. Furthermore, our holistic approach to marketing can maximize the benefits of the application while assisting in reaching your target audience.

We are a Los Angeles Mobile App Development company who can also convert your existing website programming to a mobile platform in less than a week. Your website can go live on a mobile platform while keeping full functionality intact.


We Started with CMS and Won't Slow Down.

Our CMS solutions offer ease of content management, dynamic site navigation, pure browser-based site navigation, content version control, user search, and site analytics. The following is a list of solutions which we are certified to support:

  • Kentico
  • Connected Apps CMS
  • BridgeLine iAPPS
  • EPiServer & Ektron
  • SiteCore
  • SharePoint
  • Word Press
  • Custom CMS Development

Please contact us to learn about a custom solution for your business.

Proof of Concept

  • EXAR Corp. EXAR Corp.

    EpiServer Implementation

    Exar Corporation manufactures silicon chips designed for product connectivity. In order to facilitate its merger with Sipex Products, Exar Corp asked Thinklogic to assist in putting a CMS system in place capable of supporting both sets of company products and system requirements. The Thinklogic team consisted of Project Manager Christopher Adams, Lead Developer Ching Kuo and three other developers. The team joined the client and chose Ektron(now EpiServer) as the business solution. They migrated 20,000 products, half of which were supporting documents as well as site content, from three entirely different systems. Then the ThinkLogic team conducted an assessment of the existing software solutions and documented the capacity in which they were being used.

    After concluding this software and code audit, the Thinklogic team interviewed key client members regarding the requirements for the new system. The process of data mining, application database design, and development took just 60 days to complete.

    Since then, Thinklogic has incorporated hundreds of new tools and features, including a MyExar portal which allows customers to access secure documents, download software, order products and view their order history.

    Thinklogic team has assisted Exar in integrating the products, content and documentation from three other organizations. Doing so required constructing a document management system capable of tracking usage and license agreements, and allowing customers to generate access requests that would auto trigger an approval workflow. is still a valued client and continues its hosting and application maintenance with Thinklogic.


  • Manatt Manatt

    Kentico Implementation

    Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP is a Los Angeles-based law firm of more than 400 attorneys and other professionals founded in 1965. The firm earned revenues of $324 million in 2015. The company approached Thinklogic for a site redesign targeted to a more visual, photo-intensive layout with efficient information delivery in mind. The goal was to cut down on written content with SEO a mainstay, driving traffic to bios and practice pages. Manatt also desired a more customizable search function. It took a new organizational plan, a hefty CMS migration, and a massive content database upload with no compromise on formatting.

    Thinklogic recommended the Kentico CMS system and developed an image cropping and uploading tool that works with the Kentico API. This allowed for content editors to easily work on content uploads while holding the site format. Integration of the Kentico media library, improving site interconnections via tagging, and shortening content production time saw an overall drop in bounce rate of 4.11% and an average time on page increase to 19.68%.

  • City of Long Beach City of Long Beach

    Ektron Implementation

    The City of Long Beach reached out to Thinklogic to replace their web CMS with Ektron and to redesign their website, which encompassed 32 different departments that all had differentiating sites. To accomplish this, Thinklogic created a set of custom user controls that set individual CSS files for each department along with allowing for department specific controls. The team used Ektron to build their new notification tool which allows for a resident of the city to manage their subscriptions to the city's departmental email announcements. Then, Thinklogic created a detailed project plan with a very aggressive timeline to mitigate 1200+ pages of content, hundreds of images and thousands of documents.


    Connected Apps

    Writers Guild of America (WGA) recently renovated their Beverly Hills movie theater and came to Thinklogic to develop a new site to mirror it. WGA needed the new website to be modern, to showcase the new look of the renovations, and to allow anyone to easily book screenings from any device. Thinklogic researched entire aspects of the theater and came up with a design to fit WGA’s needs. WGA was quite satisfied with the design. Thinklogic added interior spreads for basic page content, the theater’s virtual tour, and a custom lightbox design. Thinklogic also chose the Connected Apps CMS, allowing a non-technical internal resource to update site content without needing to reach out to WGA’s IT department. The development included advanced responsive functionalities for the homepage and virtual tour page to enhance user experience.

  • Chatsworth Products Inc. Chatsworth Products Inc.

    Ektron Implementation

    Chatsworth Products, Inc was founded in 1991 as an employee owned organization. The CPI team leads the industry in providing structural support systems used to organize, store and secure valuable computer, data and communications equipment. With offices in California, Texas, and North Carolina CPI is forced to rely on streamlined communication and centralized technology solutions..

    Since the start of our relationship with CPI, ThinkLogic has developed and integrated various document management solutions, intranets, extranets and enterprise level content management solutions.  Once developed, each solution is hosted and maintained and monitored by the ThinkLogic team members.  Most recently, ThinkLogic and CPI team completed a four month Ektron CMS integration. The Ektron CMS provides the foundation for serving multilingual content and easy access to product literature and technical documentation.

Long-Term Partners


If you have any questions about the details of our services, please visit our frequently asked questions page, or use the contact form below. We're a Los Angeles Web Design Company who would love to help you grow your business.

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