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Gain a glimpse into how we leverage more than two decades of experience to ace every web development project.

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Our Process

Step 1 - Research

Our approach begins with research to identify the opportunity and viability of the client’s idea before developing the application. It’s at this step that we help our clients to determine their business model and its potential success moving forward. We conduct a thorough research by understanding who your customer is, why they would use your solution and the competition against you.

Our development process focuses on two approaches:cyclical and iterative. This dual approach implements what was learned during previous development and use. We enhance the evolving versions, make modifications and new functionalities at each iteration, and monitor the financial projections each step of the way to evaluate cost, ROI, customers on board, and other factors.

Step 2 - We Plan

The roadmap process is one of the most neglected components of many software projects. Without a roadmap, clients are more likely to overdevelop the solution and increase their application’s time to market. We're able to avoid those mistakes. Many clients think there's not enough funding, that planning is a waste of money, there's not enough value, or that they can take on planning themselves. These clients end up spending twice as much in overdevelopment. Our services complement the project leader’s initiatives by offering specific experience in software development for applications on the web.

Step 3 - We Validate

Validation is focused on the viability of your application in your target market. We find out how many of your target customers exist, what solution they are currently using, and what functionality is the most important to them. We also find out how your competitors are reaching customers with traditional and online marketing tactics.

Step 4 - We Develop

Before software development begins, we clearly define and document all aspects of the software, including the expectations of all parties. We refrain from over-documentation and use easy-to-understand visuals so all parties have the same understanding. No assumptions. We prioritize and omit by completing high-priority items first and begin generating revenue before investing in lower priority features. Then, we help our clients determine what elements of the application are essential to generating revenue and which can be deferred. We remain flexible to accommodate unexpected refinements and adjustments. Going live, we get input from users early in the process to deliver a solid application.

Step 5 - We Test

Our team has the business and technology expertise to understand how to bring your application to market efficiently and effectively. We focus on getting the best result with the least output of resources. We provide detailed timelines, prioritized action items. and the necessary documentation to keep your development on track.

Step 6 - You Go Live

The "Go Live" stage of our process focuses on your customers, how to reach them, and what their behavior is toward using your application. This is a marketing stage to bring in new customers and revenue, all while laying a foundation for profitability. It's a proven process that employs our best marketing strategy.

Step 7 - Iterate

The best way to ensure a successful project is to keep the feedback cycle short and constantly iterate. We will work with your team to evaluate potential enhancements and prioritize the critical features that get pushed in bi-weekly deployments.

Our Process


Get to Know the Ins and Outs of Your Project 

Our approach begins with a meticulous examination of your idea before we start working on your project. We conduct thorough research by understanding who your customer is, why they would use your solution, and how you can outmaneuver the competition against you.
We do thorough research by understanding who your customer is, why they would use your solution, and what competition you'd be up against.



Create a Custom IT Project Roadmap

Based on our research, we map out the entire web development process to help you avoid project cost overruns and reduce time to market. Using our roadmap, you can always have your finger on the pulse of your project.


Figure Out The Viability of Your Idea

We analyze how well your idea resonates with your potential customers to minimize risk before you get to invest in the web development process heavily. Additionally, idea validation helps better tailor the core functionality to the needs of your potential customer base.



Bring Your Ideas to Life

We rely on best web development practices to get your project done in time and on budget. We prioritize completing high-priority items first while remaining flexible to accommodate unexpected refinements and adjustments.


Ensure Nothing Slips Through the Cracks

We ensure quality by continuously testing your product throughout the entire project lifecycle to deliver a well-polished solution by the time it’s ready to be launched onto the market.



Quickly Deploy Your Web Development Project

Our team guides you through both the pre- and post-launch of your project, helping you quickly gain your first active users. Once you flip the switch, our primary focus is identifying and troubleshooting bugs and compatibility issues that may arise when real users start interacting with your product.


Polish up Your Product Until It’s Perfect

After the launch, we keep the feedback cycle short to constantly refine your project through multiple iterations. Our average client cycle is seven years, so the launch is just the beginning.

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What Our Clients Say

"Finding a web development partner you can trust is so hard, especially when you are accountable for their results. But Thinklogic's transparent and collaborative approach kept me engaged and built trust from the start. Their expert team took on a large program and delivered it on schedule, keeping me informed every step of the way."

The Calendow Endowment

"Thinklogic was our end-to-end digital transformation partner, helping us re-imagine and re-build our flagship catalog from the ground up. The Thinklogic team methodically stepped us through their process, from surfacing and aligning us to critical business outcomes, to designing and building an innovative user experience fast enough to keep us ahead of the market."

Chatsworth Products

"We augmented our web development project team with Thinklogic to get it back on track. Not only did Thinklogic ramp up quickly using their methodology, they were able to suggest improvements to our overall architecture that made dramatic improvements to the project and timeline. Any time we had questions for them, they were able to come in person to talk with us face to face."

Eyes on Sports

"I have enjoyed working with Thinklogic's software design and development team. Everyone has been extremely professional and passionate in making my program a success, even under very tight timelines."

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