City of Long Beach

The City of Long Beach website consists of both a main site for the city, along with 32 individual departments. With so many individual sites, ThinkLogic created a detailed project plan with a very aggressive timeline to accomplish the migration of 1200+ pages of content, hundreds of images and thousands of documents. This was accomplished with daily morning meetings with all team members, weekly status reviews, and detailed tracking.


  • Create a CMS solution that includes migrating and styling of 32 departments  microsites) and 1200 pages of content.
  • Develop a number of custom user controls allowing for greater flexibility from one department to the next.
  • Develop a notification tool for the city that allows residents to sign up and stay informed on the city alerts and newsletters.


  • CMS Implementation
  • Custom Web Software Development
  • Custom Business Solutions
  • Web Development & Design


To accomplish the goals of the project in a short amount of time, we developed a heavily customized Content Management System solution. This solution ensured a smooth migration of content for all 32 departments. In addition, our customization included custom user controls to allow The City of Long Beach to better manage site content.


We built a highly customized CMS solution that is one of the most robust solutions ThinkLogic has developed.

The new web application allows for:

  • 33 sets of unique permissions for managing content
  • Custom enterprise level search tool
  • Dynamic/flexible responsive navigation solution
  • Custom News and Press Release widgets
  • Custom site caching for fast loading
  • Integrated Calendar/Events solution

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