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Sabbatical Homes has been housing bright minds for 20 years

Founded in 2000 in Los Angeles, Sabbatical Homes has been offering a service that feels all too familiar today. At the time, however, it was a pioneering idea that has stood the test of time. 

Sabbatical Homes is an online platform that connects academics, writers, artists, and thinkers looking for a new space to work, with tenants around the world. 

Unlike similar services like AirBNB, Sabbatical Homes offers high-end, long-term rentals, giving creatives and academics a place to spread their wings and rejuvenate. 

Giving "Minds on the Move" a place to stay didn't come without its challenges

No matter how cutting-edge a service is upon launch, it will eventually fall behind if it doesn't continue to innovate. And, this is the challenge that Sabbatical Homes ran into.

A 20-year-old website

The first challenge that Sabbatical Homes faced was its website. The website hadn't had a major redesign in nearly its entire 20-year run. For comparison, it's generally recommended that websites undergo a design overhaul every 2-3 years. 

The lack of updates to the website left it feeling stunted for visitors as well as tenants. This made it hard to secure new users as well as compete with similar services. 

Additionally, the website wasn't mobile-friendly. That's a big issue, as the majority of internet traffic has come from mobile devices since 2017.

No way to keep up with the tech standards of today

It isn't just the design of Sabbatical Homes's website that fell behind the times. It also fell behind modern tech standards. There were several features, security standards, and innovations that had been widely adopted by the rest of the internet - but not yet by Sabbatical Homes. 

This is a problem for any website, but even more so for Sabbatical Homes as its website is not just an online business card but also the platform and service it offers. It's the window through which its users and customers are interacting with one another. 

Running a platform that's 20 years behind the competition in its functionality, usability, as well as its look and feel, became a serious challenge. 

No room to grow

The third challenge Sabbatical Homes faced was a lack of scalability. This is a common issue among businesses that rely on legacy systems, and there are a few reasons for it. 

One reason is that it prevents them from being able to adopt new tech standards. Running legacy code and software can make the tech you rely on incompatible with the tech that's currently popular. 

Another reason for this stunting is that legacy software generally has a performance limit well below what we expect today. This can cause systems to crash as you get more visitors and users. 

Being unable to grow is a problem that can severely hurt any business, and it was one that Sabbatical Homes desperately needed to solve. 

How Thinklogic and Sabbatical Homes worked together to reach 20% more visitors

It was these problems that led Sabbatical Homes to Thinklogic. Thinklogic, also based in Los Angeles, is a bespoke software development team with more than 20 years of experience. The teams at Sabbatical Homes and Thinklogic hit things off quickly, and after brainstorming, came up with a two-year-long development plan to help Sabbatical Homes rise above their challenges.

Turned complex solutions into pick-and-choose options

For Sabbatical Homes, a key benefit that Thinklogic offered was the ability to turn the solutions to its complex problems into simple pick-and-choose options. Before, Sabbatical Homes was contemplating all of the different resources and issues that might arise when trying to solve its challenges. 

After working with Thinklogic, though, Sabbatical Homes was presented with a few options that were easy to understand and choose between. Any routes, resources, and issues that these solutions presented were handled by Thinklogic, simplifying the process and removing much of the associated stress.

2 years of development led to a 20% increase in visitors

A key benefit of revamping the website was a direct 20% increase in visitors. This boost in traffic naturally led to an increase in revenue, providing instant ROI for its website overhaul. 

Thinklogic updated the front-end of Sabbatical Homes's website and the back-end, too. This meant that Sabbatical Homes not only received a 20% jump in traffic but was also able to handle this surge. 

Now Sabbatical Homes has a website that looks 20 years young

Sabbatical Homes's new website is now modern on and under the surface. The result is a vastly improved experience for users new and old. Sabbatical Homes has been able to bring in more visitors than before and retain them, too. 

Legacy users have enjoyed the transition as well. They now have more options and features than before, making it a better service at no additional cost. 

On the Sabbatical Homes website, you can see the impact that the Thinklogic x Sabbatical Homes partnership had on Sabbatical Homes in the About Us section of its website, where Thinklogic is cited under the Moment of Gratitude & Remembrance section.

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When she created in 2000, founder Nadege Conger envisioned the website as a way for scholars to connect, arrange affordable housing and find trustworthy tenants. Today, is still run by the founder and a creative team of hard-working, enthusiastic and diverse individuals.