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October 13, 2022

It’s impossible to underestimate the power of people in business.

Beneath the cash flows, growth strategies, and agile ways of working is a team of like-minded people that make the cogs turn. That’s as true in your business as it is in ours.

If you’re under pressure from senior execs to get a digital product over the line, it’s people you need to invest in, not quicker tech. And it’s having access to the very best digital talent that keeps your organization on the cutting edge.

If you’ve got a people-centric way of doing business, then we want to do business with you.

We’re in the business of relationship development

A lot has been made of “hustle culture” lately. But what impact does this never-stop-around-the-clock work ethic have on people in tech? Development teams especially can be dragged into a race to be the fastest-paced, at the lowest cost, among their competition.

We’re working to deconstruct that practice here at Thinklogic. Instead, we promote a shift towards an open, relationship-based philosophy.

Because success isn’t just about the numbers, the metrics, and the development of new strategies. It’s about treating clients and colleagues right and building a solid relationship from there.

At Thinklogic, we don’t only hold that view, we put it into practice.

Where you go, we go

We take a relationship-first approach to business and treat clients as collaborators, as fellow companies just trying to do right by their customers and people. If you need to switch scope midway through a project, we follow suit.

There’s no heavy scope-change fee and no surprise costs that pile up. You want to take your business where it needs to go, and we’ll walk that path right next to you, even if you change course.

All we ask is that you, in turn, respect our business’s needs. If the Thinklogic team puts in 150% on a Friday evening to get your feature over the line, calling in some pizzas goes a long way to keeping us feeling appreciated.

Similarly, if we’ve swallowed some sunk costs on a build, then let’s formulate strategies to recover some of that capital during the next project. That mutual understanding — of us having your back and you having ours — means so much more to us than a straight-up seven-figure invoice.

Ultimately, we are looking for partners, not customers. You get the development capacity you need. Our team feels appreciated. We’re all happy with the outcome. It’s a win-win.

We know the value of teamwork

As a result of the hustle culture in tech, most agencies are just a collection of global subcontractors who have never worked together before. In contrast, Thinklogic has an end-to-end team of designers, engineers, and security experts that have been working together every day for years, all under one roof.

For clients, this means you get a team that’s long been forming, storming, performing, and is ready to go on your project. Our staff all know each other inside and out and help each other grow.

We have endless depth in technology stacks because our team has developed so much knowledge and experience that keeps growing in-house. It’s not just about delivering on time and within budget (although we do!).

Because we value relationships, every day on the project is also an opportunity to educate clients, help make their teams stronger, and shepherd them through with our collective project wisdom.

Life, then work — that’s our ethos

If we agree that it’s the people who power a business, we need to accept each person in their entirety. We’re all working for a living, not the other way round.

Real life means dashing to the grocery store at 11am because you’ve run out of coffee at home. It means needing the afternoon off to watch your kid’s dance recital or having to take a call in the car during the school run.

Giving employees the leeway they deserve, respecting their boundaries, and showing interest in their personal life — this people-centric approach creates widespread job satisfaction and boosts productivity.

Looked after development teams build looked after products. Don’t you agree?

But it’s all about balance. When demands get too intense, teams start to burn out. With too little pressure, they might struggle to focus. Let’s work together to keep both sides of our partnership actively engaged and challenged — it’s good for your business and ours.

Employee retention = customer retention 

The “Life, then work” ethos is ingrained into our everyday culture here at Thinklogic. It’s something we’ve nurtured over our 20years of business. Why? Because it works.

Some of our clients have been with us since our brand’s early days, and getting to know them has been an intensely gratifying experience. We believe that the relationships we develop internally and externally — paired with the creative, challenging projects that we take on — are our recipe for success when it comes to employee retention.

Ours is a tight-knit A-team of development, design, and project management talent. We’re one intrinsically happy camp — and we invite you to pull up a chair at the fireside.

When a Thinklogic team member asks you how the kids are, it’s because we ask the same question of the moms and dads in our team too.

When our team works late for you, it’s because they’re invested in the project. When they give you space to respond in your own time, it’s because they have flexible work hours themselves and no limit on how much vacation time they can take.

Thinklogic’s culture is unique in our industry. And we work hard to ensure it works both for our people and our clients, year in and year out.

Partner with Thinklogic

Are we speaking your language and living your ethos? Reach out to us for web development and management solutions. We’d love to hear from other businesses that value great people and good working habits, knowing the outcome will always be better that way.

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We believe there is always a more efficient way

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