Help! I Hate My Development Team (Partner).

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October 13, 2022

A software project is a race. You need to get your product into the hands of end-users before competitors do. You have butts in seats and on paper their resumes look great, but somehow it feels less like a race more like you dragging the team along for the ride. 

What got you here won’t get you there.

Software development languages, frameworks, tools and technologies are one of the fastest evolving spaces. You have a trusted in-house team that has been with you since v1.0, but their AngularJS expertise is no longer cranking out the new features that your customers demand. Moreover, your team wants to learn the new frameworks, but they’re bogged down supporting and maintaining your legacy codebase. 

Development is no longer just code-and-test.

Today’s engaging web experiences require product management, user experience researchers, interaction designers, visual prototypers, data engineers and data scientists, DevOps architects, QA automation specialists, not to mention regulatory specialists and security architects if you are truly enterprise-grade. Getting all of these skill-sets to sprint in lock-step requires a major shift in team culture.

Team, or collection of random people? 

With work-from-home, distributed teams, contractors, and high attrition, development teams are increasingly just a collection of people who have not worked together before. Although we fully support the remote work trend, you have to admit that getting a team to really storm, norm and perform has never been harder. 

Bad experiences with outsourcing.

They seemed so great during the pre-sales. The quote fit the budget, and you loved the lead architect. But now that they’re in it with you, they’ve swapped out the lead architect and the project manager keeps piling up change requests whenever you have a small change to the design. This is not a trusted partner, but it’s a familiar experience for many.

The answer is finding an end-to-end web development partner you can trust.

At Thinklogic, we are an end-to-end team of designers, engineers, and security experts that work together every day, all under one roof

We have endless depth when it comes to choosing web technology stacks and implementing them, having built hundreds of enterprise--scale websites with dozens of different technologies.

We are a partner that brings decades of expertise to every decision, shepherding you through the process with as much or as little involvement as you need.

We embed ourselves with your in-house team, and help make them better along the way. 

We are the swiss-army knife for your project. Need a specialized UI designer? An expert in a particular CMS? Advice on software security and industry-specific software regulations? Or an end-to-end team to build a new app for that upcoming customer pitch? You can count on us.

We have been responsible for building some of the most scalable and data-sensitive websites and applications in recent history including a high-profile regulated enterprise website supporting over 100,000 simultaneous visitors, 3 million regulatory form submissions in a 24 hour period, and a total of 280 million hits and 50 million form submissions within a 10 month period. 

At Thinklogic the relationship doesn’t end once your website goes live. Our average client lifespan is over 10 years and we will maintain several 20+ year relationships. Yes we are happy to partake in your go-live celebrations, but our team is already busy thinking about the next phases of your project. By the time your site goes live, we will have already documented your Phase II features and have put together a maintenance plan that covers all of your security patches and version upgrades. 

What does it feel like to have a trusted web development partner that cares as much about your success as you do? Call us and find out.

We believe there is always a more efficient way

Thinklogic has a strong history of successfully developing and bringing to market hundreds of new web-based custom software applications. From concept refinement and business planning, to technology deployment and selling to the end-user, our team has expertise in both technology and marketing.

Innovative Developers

We understand how to build custom solutions fit for the digital age.

Clean and Concise

We want to deliver our message as quickly as possible, without any unnecessary flare.


Creating value for your business is our number one priority - we mean business.

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