Load Testing with Redline13

12 minutes
July 6, 2021

RedLine13 is a load testing platform that brings the low cost power of the cloud to JMeter and other open source load testing tools.

Pricing and features for RedLine13 is simple and straightforward. As our tagline implies, we’re all about (almost) free load testing. Here at RedLine13 we provide a central service that allows our users the ability to freely create an account, setup connections to your AWS account, configure and run load tests, view real time graphics and reports, and to see how much money was spent on your Amazon account for the test. Additionally users can opt for a range of paid, subscription-based accounts that grant them even more features. For your convenience we have outlined our various subscriptions, their costs, and the features that you get with each.

Listen to a conversation between Redline13 and Thinklogic as they discuss the benefits of load testing, and when and why you should use it.


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