Thinklogic: Mission Critical Government + Legal Industry Legacy Modernization with Kontent

June 4, 2024

Thinklogic was dubbed as Kontent.ai’s “Partner of the Month” for January 2024! Since its inception in 2000, Thinklogic has been a trailblazer in custom web applications and CMS implementations, catering to diverse businesses, from spirited startups to Fortune 500 giants.

The Thinklogic Edge

Based in Los Angeles, Thinklogic boasts a global reach, with clients like Johnson & Johnson and Stanley Black & Decker in its portfolio. Specializing in large-scale CMS migrations, Thinklogic has showcased its prowess in meeting stringent security needs, particularly for Government and Legal Administration sectors in the US and Canada.

Custom Solutions, Tailored Success

Thinklogic's commitment to custom solutions and tailored success is not only about innovative design and seamless web integration but also about being secure-code conscious. Their approach ensures that each solution is not just unique and competitive but also secure and reliable. By avoiding one-size-fits-all methods and focusing on customized strategies, Thinklogic pays special attention to the security aspects of their software solutions. This approach is vital in today's digital landscape, where security is as important as functionality and design in building successful and resilient digital solutions.

Building Lasting Relationships

At its core, Thinklogic values long-term client partnerships, aligning closely with their business goals and challenges. This commitment to relationship-building is mirrored in an impressive client retention average of over 10 years, some partnerships even surpassing two decades!

A Team Driven by Passion and Pride

Founder/CEO Chris Adams attributes Thinklogic’s success to its passionate team, whose average tenure exceeds 8 years. This dedicated team is the cornerstone of Thinklogic's ability to deliver top-tier digital solutions.

The Thinklogic Philosophy

More than just a digital agency, Thinklogic is about commitment – to its family-like team, to uncompromising code quality, and to the coffee that fuels their innovation. Their philosophy is simple: prioritize meaningful partnerships and collaboration to bring visions to life.

Why Choose Thinklogic

Thinklogic is your go-to for mission-critical web solutions. With decades of experience and a history of substantial CMS migrations, they are a trusted partner for businesses seeking digital transformation.

Partnership in Action: Thinklogic and Kontent.ai

As a premium Kontent.ai partner, Thinklogic combines the power of headless CMS with their digital development expertise. Their collaborations include modern web applications, websites for major US counties, and personalized digital experiences for well-known brands.

The Kontent.ai Advantage

For Thinklogic, Kontent.ai stands out for its robust security, creative freedom for technical teams, and a shift towards dynamic, scalable architectures.

Your Digital Transformation Partner

Ready for digital transformation? Thinklogic is here to accelerate your growth with custom software solutions tailored to your needs.

We believe there is always a more efficient way

Thinklogic has a strong history of successfully developing and bringing to market hundreds of new web-based custom software applications. From concept refinement and business planning, to technology deployment and selling to the end-user, our team has expertise in both technology and marketing.

Innovative Developers

We understand how to build custom solutions fit for the digital age.

Clean and Concise

We want to deliver our message as quickly as possible, without any unnecessary flare.


Creating value for your business is our number one priority - we mean business.

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