Why should you learn content modeling

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December 29, 2021

Thinklogic: Why should you learn content modeling? 

Whether you're already using a headless CMS solution or are sticking with traditional CMS, for now, there's never been a better (or more important) time to start learning content modeling. It can be difficult to break old habits, especially if you're familiar with your current CMS strategy. 

So to help convince you to embrace the future, here are a few key reasons why you should start learning content modeling asap. 

Learning content modeling allows you to match your needs

Out of the box and on the surface, most headless CMS solutions are relatively similar. If you don't spend the time learning this solution in and out as well as content modeling, then you'll most likely resort to using the basic pre-built templates it comes with. 

The problem with this is that it prevents you from being able to customize your content models. Every project, campaign, and product will have slightly different needs. Those who learn content modeling can match their models to these needs, and those who don't will be stuck with generic, mismatched results. 

The more you know, the better you can future-proof your content models

Another key reason to spend time learning content modeling is future-proofing. With a shallow understanding of content modeling, you'll likely end up creating content models that conform to your current app, website, or social media channels. 

This is great for today, but when those apps, sites, and channels change tomorrow, your content models aren't going to work anymore. If you study content modeling in more depth upfront, however, then you can design your models to be adaptable. That way, they'll work today, tomorrow, and long after. 

You can reuse your content without compromising its integrity

One of the core benefits of content modeling is that it increases your content's reusability. The drawback of reusing content, however, is that it has the potential to compromise the integrity of that content. It can lead to redundant, outdated, and mismatched information. 

So how do you prevent this without scrapping reusability altogether? You guessed it –– by learning content modeling! Similar to future-proofing your content models, knowing the best practices will allow you to create reusable content that is flexible, on-brand, and doesn't sacrifice the quality of your content. 

Effective use of metadata allows you to build relationships between content

Another benefit to learning content modeling is that it can strengthen your metadata. Or, put another way, your metadata will strengthen your content thanks to the use of best practices. 

For instance, if you are reusing content in two different pieces of copywriting, there might be issues with semantics. The titles and core paragraphs have been switched around, but maybe chunked headings and stats fail to match the context of the specific product being discussed. 

By using metadata more effectively, you can avoid these sorts of semantic mishaps. 

Learn the content modeling basics with Thinklogic and Kontent

You don't have to learn content modeling alone. Whether you're new to headless CMS or have been using it for months, the experts at Thinklogic and Kontent will work with you to ensure you're maximizing your content models. Reach out today to learn more


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