Thinklogic vs. SiteCore is a No-Brainer

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November 20, 2022

When teams began to realize that WordPress was not viable for enterprise-grade websites, so-called “enterprise CMS” options emerged such as SiteCore and DNN. But whereas WordPress is like a Prius - inexpensive, bare-bones, and not without its risks - SiteCore is more like a Ferrari - high-cost, high-maintenance, and probably more than you need. 

Enterprises need the best of both worlds - state-of-the-art power and reliability, while still nimble and flexible. That’s 

Let’s look at how more traditional enterprise CMS options like SiteCore stack up against the

SiteCore and other "Enterprise CMS"
Slow performance. One of the most common complaints about SiteCore and other heavy-duty CMS like is slow performance. SiteCore is a complex CMS that can be very error-prone when it comes to configuration. Entering a single image of the wrong size by accident, for example, is a common problem, but so are more technical misconfigurations relating to MSSQL memory usage, RAM, indexing, compression of static content, media fetching configuration, hosting environment configuration, and even source code.’s lightweight front-end and globally distributed cloud-native service removes the burden of maintaining servers, upgrading software, or worrying
Too many features makes your site error-prone and hard to maintain. Like a ferrari, SiteCore and other systems offer extraneous features you probably don’t need and won’t use, constant maintenance, time lost to upgrades, and almost certainly the need to outsource support to a specialized agency. Freedom and flexibility for developers. An easy-to-use and fully governed editorial experience. True SaaS, fully secure, helps global enterprises plan, create, and publish engaging content across digital channels.
Vendor lock-in. Sitecore is proprietary making it a “walled garden”, plus its acquisitions and preferred vendors can bring confusion about the choices you really have. A microservices architecture means working with the best. Without trade-offs, pressure, or worse, clunkiness. And’s comprehensive API reference helps you seamlessly bring content into your modern tech stack.
Scarce talent. As SiteCore, DNN, and other enterprise CMS are generally proprietary technology, finding talent beyond their professional services teams and a handful of preferred partners can be really challenging, and costly.’s customer success services brings tangible value to your operations, always. Work closely with experts in content modeling, get practical guidance on migrating and integrating key systems, and ramp-up new business users quickly. 24/7/365 live chat, phone, and email support is efficient, accurate, and friendly. And with Thinklogic as your partner, you get the added benefit of web development experts on you team who are not locked in to a single CMS but rather have a breadth of experience across 20 years of different popular CMS products.
Expensive. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of $100,000/year or more to license SiteCore for a simple website, let alone the additional fees you are likely to pay a specialized agency for support. has a range of costing options that suit any project. See our pricing guide here.
Lack of flexibility. If Sitecore XM, Experience Edge for XM, Content Hub, and Experience Edge for Content Hub feel less than flexible, there’s a reason. Genuine composability is not a future state. With, give developers freedom to build right now, while supporting marketers with an intuitive editorial experience.
Customers left behind. Enterprise CMS companies like SiteCore that have success begin to spread themselves too thin - too many products to support, too many acquisitions, too many different customers. Some customers are going to be left behind. is a dedicated company spun out by Kentico specifically so that it can focus on its customers. No split focus. Customer feedback sits at the heart of’s product roadmap. And regular product releases always improve the experience for end users. is constantly evolving along with customer needs and CMS trends.

Don’t lose any more time on an enterprise CMS that locks you with costs and complexity that exceeds even what Fortune 500 companies need. There’s a better way. Work with web development experts Thinklogic to migrate your enterprise websites to a modern CMS like and future-proof your websites for the coming decade. 

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