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Start-Up Companies

We understand that companies place return investment as a priority. With that in mind, we share our experience to ensure start-ups are profitable before building unnecessary functionality. Our development strategy reduces risk by increasing cost-effectiveness.

Transitioning to the Web

Traditional software delivery is facing new challenges in the wake of rising technologies. Hosted software solutions are the answer. We can help by designing new pricing structures, new sales and marketing tactics, introducing new hosting and networking options, Service Level Agreement policies, and development considerations.

Client Case Studies

  • EXAR Corp.

    CMS Implementation & Website Redesign

    Exar Corporation manufactures silicon chips designed for product connectivity. In order to facilitate its merger with Sipex Products, Exar Corp asked Thinklogic to assist in putting a CMS system in place capable of supporting both sets of company products and system requirements. The Thinklogic team consisted of Project Manager Christopher Adams, Lead Developer Ching Kuo and three other developers. The team joined the client and chose Ektron as the business solution. They migrated 20,000 products, half of which were supporting documents as well as site content, from three entirely different systems. Then the ThinkLogic team conducted an assessment of the existing software solutions and documented the capacity in which they were being used.

    After concluding this software and code audit, the Thinklogic team interviewed key client members regarding the requirements for the new system. The process of data mining, application database design, and development took just 60 days to complete.

    Since then, Thinklogic has incorporated hundreds of new tools and features, including a MyExar portal which allows customers to access secure documents, download software, order products and view their order history.

    Thinklogic team has assisted Exar in integrating the products, content and documentation from three other organizations. Doing so required constructing a document management system capable of tracking usage and license agreements, and allowing customers to generate access requests that would auto trigger an approval workflow. Exar.com is still a valued client and continues its hosting and application maintenance with Thinklogic.


  • Manatt

    Kentico Implementation & Website Redesign

    Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP is a Los Angeles-based law firm of more than 400 attorneys and other professionals founded in 1965. The firm earned revenues of $324 million in 2015. The company approached Thinklogic for a site redesign targeted to a more visual, photo-intensive layout with efficient information delivery in mind. The goal was to cut down on written content with SEO a mainstay, driving traffic to bios and practice pages. Manatt also desired a more customizable search function. It took a new organizational plan, a hefty CMS migration, and a massive content database upload with no compromise on formatting.

    Thinklogic recommended the Kentico CMS system and developed an image cropping and uploading tool that works with the Kentico API. This allowed for content editors to easily work on content uploads while holding the site format. Integration of the Kentico media library, improving site interconnections via tagging, and shortening content production time saw an overall drop in bounce rate of 4.11% and an average time on page increase to 19.68%.

  • City of Long Beach

    CMS Implementation

    The City of Long Beach reached out to Thinklogic to replace their web CMS with Ektron and to redesign their website, which encompassed 32 different departments that all had differentiating sites. To accomplish this, Thinklogic created a set of custom user controls that set individual CSS files for each department along with allowing for department specific controls. The team used Ektron to build their new notification tool which allows for a resident of the city to manage their subscriptions to the city's departmental email announcements. Then, Thinklogic created a detailed project plan with a very aggressive timeline to mitigate 1200+ pages of content, hundreds of images and thousands of documents.

  • WGA

    Connected Apps Implementation & Website Redesign

    Writers Guild of America (WGA) recently renovated their Beverly Hills movie theater and came to Thinklogic to develop a new site to mirror it. WGA needed the new website to be modern, to showcase the new look of the renovations, and to allow anyone to easily book screenings from any device. Thinklogic researched entire aspects of the theater and came up with a design to fit WGA’s needs. WGA was quite satisfied with the design. Thinklogic added interior spreads for basic page content, the theater’s virtual tour, and a custom lightbox design. Thinklogic also chose the Connected Apps CMS, allowing a non-technical internal resource to update site content without needing to reach out to WGA’s IT department. The development included advanced responsive functionalities for the homepage and virtual tour page to enhance user experience.

  • Chatsworth Products Inc.

    CMS and eCommerce Implementation & Website Redesign

    Chatsworth Products, Inc was founded in 1991 as an employee owned organization. The CPI team leads the industry in providing structural support systems used to organize, store and secure valuable computer, data and communications equipment. With offices in California, Texas, and North Carolina CPI is forced to rely on streamlined communication and centralized technology solutions..

    Since the start of our relationship with CPI, ThinkLogic has developed and integrated various document management solutions, intranets, extranets and enterprise level content management solutions.  Once developed, each solution is hosted and maintained and monitored by the ThinkLogic team members.  Most recently, ThinkLogic and CPI team completed a four month Ektron CMS integration. The Ektron CMS provides the foundation for serving multilingual content and easy access to product literature and technical documentation.

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