Chatsworth Products

Thinklogic has been maintaining Chatsworth Product’s website since 2001. They recently came to us with a desire to switch away from paper and PDF catalogs and move into an online catalog format. We designed and developed a fully responsive site from the ground up. This involved identifying business needs, creating wireframes, designing the site and executing the design. In addition to the site redesign, we developed an online catalog with a product line with over 200,000 SKUs and a single sign-on integration between three different systems.


  • Build a custom search tool for their product catalog with detailed filtering at each level of the product tree. The catalog needed to accommodate over 200,000 SKUs belonging to 629 products.
  • Identify the buying paths a customer could take and developed a shopping cart and checkout process that could accommodate the user’s preference.
  • Ensure a robust search tool for a high volume of products that does not compromise speed.
  • Integrate iAPPS customer database with Ektron.


  • CMS Implementation
  • Custom Web Software Development
  • Custom Business Solutions
  • Web Development & Design


We designed most of the responsive flow during development (rather than mocking up each template), due to timeline constraints. This created a reference for the team during development to build out the other responsive templates.

The responsive development required many features, including a multi-tiered navigation that sticks with the screen and can collapse for small screens, and carts, tables and information that are found as slide-outs on mobile devices to ensure no real estate is lost on small screens.


We built a highly customized CMS solution that is one of the most robust solutions ThinkLogic has developed.

The new web application allows for:

  • 33 sets of unique permissions for managing content
  • Custom enterprise level search tool
  • Dynamic/flexible responsive navigation solution
  • Custom News and Press Release widgets
  • Custom site caching for fast loading
  • Integrated Calendar/Events solution

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