Writer’s Guild of America

In 2019, the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) — a labor union consisting of over 20,000 writers for television shows, movies, documentaries, and more — encouraged their writers to drop their agent representation if their agents did not agree to sign the WGA’s Code of Conduct.


• The ability to review, categorize, and manage writer’s submissions, choosing to message a writer through a Google Chat-style interface when they think it is a good fit.

• Access to the Staffing Submission System, a robust tool created for television series staffing, and has received over 12,000 submissions from writers to over 200 different series.

• Managers can use the Literary Management List tool to post requests for clients or what types of writers they wish to hire.

• The ability to manage their company profile and their executives and access “Grids” – a tool for building project-specific lists of favorite writers that they can easily export or share with their team.

• Writers have access to “Memo” tools allowing them to pitch a television series, feature, or even request representation.


  • CMS Implementation
  • Custom Web Software Development
  • Custom Business Solutions
  • Web Development & Design


Both writers and managers now have access to tools designed for their needs. Writers can choose the projects they want to work on without worrying about their agents, and managers can post open writing assignments as singular job postings.


With all of these tools, the platform gained traction quickly - with over 800 companies with more than 1300 executives seeking writing talent in the first phase of the roll-out. More than 10,000 writers have taken advantage of it, all with a tremendous success rate. None of this would have been possible without this carefully designed, industry-specific platform.

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